Do you need a website? Yes but…

2 April 2009

The World Wide Web is full of websites. Big ones, small ones. Good ones, bad ones. Fancy ones, plain ones.

For many businesses they are an important tool in communicating information, advertising services and selling products. In fact you would be hard pushed to find a business that doesn’t have a website.

But does your business need a website? My answer would be an emphatic yes! But there is a ‘but’.

Your business does need a website BUT it needs to be findable, well designed, easy to use, and good to read.

Where are you?

What’s the point of having a website if people can’t find it? Does your website show up well in the major search engines? Is your current website built in such a way as to give you the best chance of being nearer the top than the bottom of search results for the relevant terms?

Looking good?

We’re told never to judge a book by its cover. But we do. We all make judgements about something by the way it looks. And the web is no different. If someone finds your website what will be their first impression? Does your website communicate how professional your business is? Or does it do the opposite. Studies have shown that people decide whether to stay and read on or leave and find someone else providing what they need in a matter of seconds. Can you afford to create a bad first impression?

Where next?

Your website has been found and the visitor likes the look of what they see. But where do they go from here? Website navigation is crucial for a good user experience. It should be clear where people can find the information they require. Are your website users left frustrated, unable to work out how to navigate their way around your site?

Now that’s interesting

Content is king on the world wide web. Out of date content creates a bad impression. When was the last time your website was updated? Are you advertising products that are longer available? Or passing on information that is no longer relevant? Was your website produced years ago as a favour by a friend who is no longer available to update it? Or was it designed by a company who demand a small fortune to update it?

Take action

If your business or organisation’s website falls down on any of these points then it’s time to take action. Producing a website that is findable, well designed, easy to use and that can be updated easily by you doesn’t have to cost the earth. When times are tough, like they are now, and cutting costs are the order of the day the question is can you afford not to do it?

If you need help improving your existing web presence or getting a website up for the first time get in touch and we can help you create a good impression.