Website redesign for Ian Johnson Design

19 October 2015

Earlier this year I got to work with a fellow graphic designer to develop the redesign of his website. Ian Johnson is an Englishman who has spent the past 25 years living and working in Sweden. Having run his own design company for a number of years he’s recently decided to return to working independently.

Ian sent me the initial design and concept idea for the site. As we’ve worked through the process of building the site some of the initial ideas have been altered, some dropped entirely. Even since the site was launched in September extra elements have been added. The testimonial slider on the home page was added based on feedback from users of the new site.


The main focus of the site is showcasing Ian’s impressive portfolio. The Work pages utilises a filtering function so users can easily view Case Studies or Latest Work.


Barry, as I discovered, is not only a competent web developer but also a proficient and creative graphic designer, which puts him in a very sought after category. During the process I was happy to give Barry the freedom to make design and development decisions or suggestions, which ultimately added to my initial thoughts and ideas. This resulted in a better website than I initially set out to produce. From the first initial contact, Barry has been a very pleasant and approachable partner to work with. He really gave the impression that nothing was too much trouble and was always accommodating to my needs and wishes.

Ian Johnson, Graphic Designer