Snap Designs is the home of Barry Sawyer, a web and graphic designer based in south-west London.

Primarily, I help small businesses and charities communicate effectively online and in print.

Why small businesses and charities?

Why them? Because they are the groups I have primarily worked with in the past. And they're the groups most likely to work with me in the future.

Big multi-national companies aren't in the habit of using one man bands. But small businesses value the one-to-one contact they themselves offer.

Most charities can't afford in-house design teams or the high fees that some studios charge so will naturally look for a more cost-effective solution.

What's the USP?

All companies large and small are encouraged to discover their unique selling point and then shout it from the rooftops. So what's mine? Well I'm not biggest or the smallest. I'm not the cheapest or the most expensive. If I'm honest I'm not the best but I also know I'm not the worst.

At the end of the day the USP is ME.

When you ask me to design a website that is what happens - I design a website. I don't hand it off to a trainee or farm it out to a faceless person on another continent.

When you have a question about your website that I designed it's me who answers your question. If you ring you won't get put on hold. Or asked to type in numbers depending upon the nature of your enquiry. It's my phone that rings and I'll answer it.

And when you refer me to a friend (which would be nice) it's me who they will connect with. They won't have to speak to a sales person who'll promise something that can't be delivered.

For a self confessed IT dinosaur, the thought of setting up a website (for my new surveying business) filled me with dread! After a friend recommended Barry's website design services, I made contact with Barry and he quickly worked out what type of site I needed. He dealt with the whole design process (including my logo) which has resulted in a website that meets all my requirements. It is pivotal to my new business and has already paid for itself! I would strongly recommend Barry's services.

Kevin O Shaughnessy Survey Homes KOS Ltd

6 reasons to work with me

  1. ExperiencedI’ve been a graphic designer for over 30 years and designing websites since websites became a thing.
  2. ReliableMany of my clients have been with me for years due to me delivering quality work on time, every time.
  3. HonestI’m honest with my prices and with my skillset – if I can’t do something I’ll tell you.
  4. Fixed priceI charge by the project not by the hour – so you know what the price is before I start.
  5. Designer and developerWhen it comes to websites I design and build them which means no nasty surprises along the way.
  6. FreelancerWorking for myself means my overheads are kept to a minimum allowing me to keep my prices competitive.

I can't recommend Barry at Snap Designs highly enough. Suffice to say I've used him for over 15 years at various appointments and his most recent work has really improved our web presence. I not only look for suppliers who are excellent at what they do but quality AND value are equally important to me. You get that in spades with Barry. Finally, I also look for human beings! I like dealing with people who understand what we want, who are nice, who are easy to communicate with (in all ways!) and who act fairly. I think that describes Barry perfectly.

Duncan Parker Managing Director, Ethical Goods

A bit about me

I have been involved in graphic design for pretty much my whole working life (even at school the only subjects I really took a shine to were graphic design and technical drawing). My first job was in a small in-house print room, where I gained experience in the design and print process from beginning to end. Alongside this I attended the London College of Printing to add a qualification to my experience.

In all the other jobs I had after leaving this first job I have at some point found myself at a computer with design software on screen pulling together flyers, posters, newsletters, magazines, etc.

In 2001 I took up my first full-time role as a graphic and web designer working with Elucid8, a small multi-media production company based in south-west London. When Elucid8 ceased trading in 2007 I was encouraged by the owner to set-up on my own and continue working with the existing client base.

So on Friday 29 June 2007 I switched off my Elucid8 computer for the last time. The weekend was spent moving my gear to a new office in Wimbledon, where a friend had kindly offered me some desk space. On Monday 2 July 2007 I switched on the that same computer and continued where I had left off on the previous Friday.