Logo and Branding

First impressions matter. Often it's your logo that bears the weight of that responsibility.

I can help you produce a logo that helps people identify you and a set of brand guidelines that help you consistently communicate who you are and what you're about.

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They’re everywhere

We are surrounded by logos – good ones, bad ones, some memorable, others instantly forgettable – and branding (chances are you’d recognise an Apple advert even if the logo was absent).

Is your logo SMART?

A logo should be SMART – simple, memorable, appropriate, resizable and timeless.

Simple – What could be simpler than a swoosh (Nike), the letter M (McDonald’s), or an Apple (no prizes for guessing that one).

Memorable – The simpler the concept the more memorable it becomes. 

Appropriate – A shape or typeface or colours that work for a nursery aren’t appropriate for a law firm.

Resizable – Complicated logos don’t scale down well. And logos produced in the wrong format don’t scale up.

Timeless – Logos inspired by the latest design trend don’t stand the test of time, they date quickly.

Is your branding consistent?

A brand is more than a logo – a logo is part of a brand. Branding encompasses colour, typography, photography, imagery, shapes, tone of voice and, of course, a logo. All of these combine to help influence people’s perception of you, your products and your services.

A comprehensive set of brand guidelines keeps everyone singing from the same song sheet.

Is your logo SMART? Branding consistent?

If not I can help you.

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