Care Package

Websites, like most things, need looking after.

In order to maintain the health and efficiency of your website, I offer a care package to keep everything in good condition, ensuring your website is working hard for you.

Site Security

Your website is vulnerable but measures can be taken to protect it. Regular security scans expose vulnerabilities before they become problems.

Daily back-ups

Daily back-ups of your website so should the unthinkable happen all is not lost. A backed-up version of the site can be launched with just one click.

Uptime monitoring

Your website is automatically checked every 2 minutes. Should it be down for any reason an automatic notification is sent and priority is given to rectify the problem.

Site monitoring

Regular site inspections to ensure everything is functioning effectively and that there are no broken links.

Analytics reports

How many people are visiting my site? Which pages are they visiting? How long do they stay? All these questions and more are answered in a Google Analytics report.

Regular updates

WordPress and the plugins used to add functionality are regularly updated, adding new features and addressing potential vulnerabilities, so it’s important these updates are implemented.

So what does all this cost?

All this for the quite frankly ridiculously cheap price* of £180 per year (£15 per month) or £120 for 6 months (£20 per month) both payable in advance.

*If you don’t believe me just Google ‘website care package’ or ‘website maintenance package’ and you’ll see what I mean!