Energy Alton is an award-winning community group based in Alton, Hampshire run entirely by volunteers. They aim to spread information about energy efficiency and minimising damp problems, give practical advice on how to save energy, reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions and stimulate discussion on how to achieve a more sustainable local community.

The website houses an extensive set of resources, as well as tons of practical advice on energy issues. There’s an opportunity to sign-up for their newsletter as well as volunteer to help with their various activities.

Alongside the website, I have produced designs for three banner stands and designed a 24-page booklet entitled Clean Heat that highlights energy-saving information.

Orginally designed and developed in 2015 I have recently given the Energy Alton website a minor redesign and tweaked a few elements. The new layout is a bit cleaner and spacious, allowing the elements a bit more room to breath. As well as a fresh lick of paint I made some tweaks under the hood meaning that more of the content is editable by the client.